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If this is your first time installing XQuartz, you may wish to logout and log back in. If you would prefer to keep using X All changes in 2.

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Version 2. This release requires Mac OSX The XQuartz project is an open-source effort to develop a version of the X.

XQuartz has been updated this contains X11 2. Full details are available here.

How do I set up X11 forwarding?

XQuartz update 02 11 XQuartz update 08 01 Now that we have X11 configured, if you have a second computer available you can test a remote connection. When you get to the bottom you go back to the top of the slide… or check out our B-sides.

How to change default opening applications in Mac OS X

All rights reserved. Launch the Terminal application found in your Utilities folder. Edit the original file we just made a backup copy of using your preferred text editor.

Be sure to use a plain text editor such as BBE dit, pico or vi in order to preserve the integrity of the file. In this case, using pico. Locate that line that reads X11Forwarding no and change it to remove the octothorp character at the beginning of the line to activate it.

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