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Jamiet macrumors member Original poster. Jun 20, 67 47 Leeds, UK. Hey guys. I know that I could always reformat it to FAT32, but the file size limitations of that format are less than ideal. Last edited: May 6, There certainly may be another way around it SWR files. But hardware old enough to run Snow Leopard might not have shipped with the latest card readers Using a newer USB3 multi-card reader.

exFAT - Wikipedia

I had this happen before and swore not to do it again, but I must have inadvertently formatted the card in my camera when I wasn't thinking. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to "inadvertently" format a card in cameras.

Which format to choose?

I had the problem before. Like I said in my original post, the "solution" is to avoid having the camera format the card. But I already screwed up and had the camera format the card and, NOW, I'm just trying to get all my summer vacation photos back. I am guessing it is a subtle formatting issue about how the EX2f formats a 64GB card. The EX2f never gave problems with my 32GB sandisk even when it did the formatting of the filesystem.

If the camera is still returnable have you considered simply returning the camera. It is a Samsung after all; no great loss. It was a reply to the thread, not a reply to your post. I just hit the nearest "reply" button. I'm not in the habit of using "threaded view" much…. If there is, it would be significantly more complicated than simply finding some way to mount and read the exFAT volume on some OS somewhere. I installed ubuntu in a virtualBox session on my iMac yesterday. When I get time, I'll try to use that to mount it. The windows machines at my local library read the card fine, but don't allow anything to be copied to the hard drive they are locked down really really tight.

How can I move files from a Mac to a Windows PC?

I could just bite the bullet and buy a cheap windows PC at this point. I love the camera. What is so complicated about checking to see if such an option exists within your camera's menu? Please don't bash Samsung I'm a big NX fan ;. I wouldn't get too hung up on a brand, especially Samsung. It's not like Samsung is known for making good cameras. I've used exFAT on my Macs with no issues.

Perhaps Samsung made it so any card formatted in their camera would not work in Apple's computers. That wouldn't surprise me coming from Samsung. The OP is talking about a 64gig card, FAT32 is limited to 32gig so he would loose half his card if he followed your advice. I have a feeling that the OP's problem may be something to do with allocation unit size; isn't MAC implementation of exFAT limited to a maximum allocation unit size of kilobytes?

The OP's camera may be using larger allocation unit size. Perhaps there is a setting for that in the camera menu? What does that have to do with "inadvertently" formatting? In every camera I have owned the formatting command is buried in a menu and gives a warning before initiating, so "inadvertently" formatting is extremely unlikely for most cameras. It wouldn't surprise me that Samsung made incompatibility with Macs by design or through simple incompetence, considering the company we are talking about. I went through two different Samsung models of Blu-Ray players, for example, and after endless firmware updates and exchanges I never got them to work reliably.

You see the same experiences in AV forums.

How to do a clean install of Snow Leopard

A Panasonic and Sony later and both are flawlessly reliable. I don't buy any of their products anymore. Besides, their unethical and bullying business practices, is enough to keep me away from their often copied products. An easy option for the OP is to simply consider ditching the 64gb sized cards, assuming the camera will then use fat One can't just "change" one filesystem to another.

Playing ALAC files in Windows

This is a heavy computational task that requires a real operating system with some scratch disk space available. Like I said "It's not like Samsung is known for making good cameras", so it seems like you are bashing Samsung. Except for this one now that it has a known issue. I will stick to using my 32GB SanDisk in the EX2f, since that never gave me any problems even when the camera formatted the card. Ubuntu running in a virtual box session doesn't see the drive. I should have full access to a windows box with permission to write files to the disk soon so this whole discussion will become moot.

I'm no computer programmer but if the camera can format to exFAT, then what would prevent it from formatting to another file system. I wouldn't use that word. I'm just telling you what is well known in the photo market.

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