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Get the best of both worlds by sharing your data on MacOS and Windows

Learn more Backup your hard drive. Before formatting the drive, it's a good idea to back up the drive and save any files you want to keep. You can save them to another hard drive like an external hard drive or USB drive. You can also use cloud-based storage like iCloud or Google Drive which have a limited amount of free storage.

Click Applications. It's in the left-side column of the Finder window. Double-click Utilities. It's the blue folder with the image of a screwdriver and a wrench on it at the bottom of the Applications folder. Double-click Disk Utility.

How to Partition a Seagate in Apple Disk Utility |

It's the app with the icon of a hard drive and a stethoscope and is located in the center of the Utilities folder. This opens the Disk Utility app on your Mac. Select the Seagate Drive. In the left-hand column of the Disk Utility app, click the "Seagate" drive to select it. If you don't see two entries for the hard drive itself and the volume or partition , click "View" in the upper-right corner and select Show All devices.

Click Erase.

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It's the middle button at the top of the Disk Utility. This will prompt a pop-up window allowing you to choose how you want to format your hard drive.

Formatting instructions

Rename the drive. Click the text box next to "Name" to enter a new name for your hard drive, if you choose. This is the most common format used for drives used with Time Machine for backups. This is the default partition scheme for drives formatted in the OS X Extended format. The concept of having to unlock an external hard drive on Mac computers may not be familiar to you. This is partially because it can refer to a few different problems.

The message can also communicate that the drive uses a partially supported filesystem like NTFS, which macOS only supports as read-only. The easiest way to unlock an external hard drive on Mac computers is to right-click or hold Option and click the drive icon, then select Get Info.

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Here, scroll down to Sharing and Permissions at the bottom, click the lock icon, then enter your password when prompted. Now you have two options.

The easier path is to locate the check box on the left side of the window and select Ignore ownership on this volume. This will let you access the drive, no matter who created it in the first place. If this is a drive you last formatted, you can change the individual permissions in the box above. Right-click or hold Option and click on the drive icon, either in the main Finder view or in the sidebar.

In the menu that pops up, select Decrypt [DriveName] —of course, DriveName will actually be the name of the drive. This only works if you know the password. To render a drive read-only, right-click the drive, then select Get Info. This will prevent unwanted users or groups from deleting, adding, or changing files on the drive.

Right-click on the drive, then select Encrypt [DriveName] on the drive you wish to encrypt.

Partition the drive on Windows 10

Then hit Encrypt Disk and wait for the process to complete. Before you proceed, be aware that this will erase all the data on the drive. In any case, backing up is always a good idea. Formatting a hard drive for use with your Mac?

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Here are your macOS file system options and how to pick the best one for you. Read More. Now select your drive in the menu on the left side, and right-click or hold Option and click on the icon, then choose Erase.

On the next screen, you can name the drive anything you like in the Name section. You can also choose the file system you want to format the drive as under the Format option.