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Schermo MacBook Pro con antiriflesso rovinato, Apple lo sostituirà gratis il problema su aree molto ampie, in alcuni casi persino su tutto il display. ed ora Cupertino ha esteso ulteriormete la copertura per alcuni Mac Plus, un programma di sostituzione del tasto Standby/Riattiva di iPhone 5.

I have one, but I'm not the original owner. Will this still work even though I'm not the original owner? Mac mini, Mac OS X Posted on Oct 7, PM.

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Page content loaded. However, if the computer came with SL or earlier you will have call Apple and order install disks, since the upgrades were not purchased with your ID and you can't redownload them without logging into the ID that purchased them.

How to Factory Reset Mac OS X to Original Default Factory Settings

Oct 8, AM. Oct 8, AM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass. The original OS X licence is not transferable, I believe you will end up needing to purchase a new one. Oct 8, AM in response to woodturner In response to woodturner.

The original OS that came with the Mac is transferable as are upgrades purchased on disks. Upgrades purchased via the Mac app store are not transferable. Jan 25, PM in response to woodturner In response to woodturner. I'm going to hijack this thread a little. I also have a Mac Mini that I wanted to wipe clean, I'm very confused because i keep getting different answers to these questions, especially at Apple Store.

Jan 25, PM. Jan 26, AM in response to j-m-d In response to j-m-d. What to do before selling or giving away your Mac. Jan 26, AM. Jan 26, AM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass.

I'm in Disk Utility and it wants me to select the Startup Disk, but I don't know which of those four it is. None of them say "Startup Disk" when you select them. Jan 26, PM in response to j-m-d In response to j-m-d. Startup normally.

Reset Your Mac To Factory Settings Without Disc - OS X Yosemite, iMac, Macbook Pro, Air, Mini

Jan 26, PM. Jan 26, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass.

How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery

I had called Support, and that's what he told me Macintosh HD , unless you know where to look, there's no way to know. I have gotten it erased and reformatted, it does reinstall v Question: Q: Resetting a Mac mini to original factory settings without a disc. Before you start, make sure you transfer any files you want to keep to a new computer or external drive.

Your Mac will boot into the recovery partition. If you want to re-install your operating system, but leave your files in place, you can skip this step. Your user accounts and files will stay exactly where they are—only your operating system will be overwritten. Depending on how you started Recovery Mode, you may be presented with the option to start Disk Utility right away, as seen above.

Now move the dial up, to randomly write data over your entire drive.

How to reset your Mac before selling it | iMore

If you opted to wipe your drive securely, this might take a while—30 minutes to an hour is not unreasonable for one pass. If you choose three or five passes, you might want to leave this running overnight. With your information wipe complete, you are now ready to reinstall macOS. The installation process will begin. Choose the Macintosh HD you named earlier.

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This might take a while. Eventually your Mac will restart and ask you to create an account.