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Schermo MacBook Pro con antiriflesso rovinato, Apple lo sostituirà gratis il problema su aree molto ampie, in alcuni casi persino su tutto il display. ed ora Cupertino ha esteso ulteriormete la copertura per alcuni Mac Plus, un programma di sostituzione del tasto Standby/Riattiva di iPhone 5.

Pre-installation notes

Both options suck. And both options equal losing any data you have on your computer.

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I realized I could help visitors with the same problem by organizing all the info I gathered into this page. The hard drive is where data is stored on your computer files, programs, photos, everything , this includes Windows or whatever operating system you have installed. You must: Unplug the power cable, and remove the battery first before removing the Hard Drive.

Remove any thing else plugged into the computer: mouse, USB drives, etc. After removing the battery, you should see if you computer model has a way to ground the MotherBoard. On my Dell — you simply hold the power button down for a 5 seconds after disconnecting the battery to ground the MotherBoard.

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All Dell laptops work this way, I think. This guide has photos and steps to disassemble a Dell Laptop thanks to the author for helping me fix my computer! Go through the results and try to find a nice step-by-step guide with photos. Check out my resources below for quick links to common Laptop Disassembly guides.

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Just find out how to remove the battery and the hard drive. Be sure to read warnings and suggestions if the guide mentions any. Sometimes, the connection to the HDD gets loose — removing it and putting it back in push it into the slot firmly to make sure can fix this issue instantly. Dell laptops seem to be especially associated with this issue.

No bootable device insert boot disk and press any key - Windows 7 Help Forums

I also think perhaps removing and reinstalling physically, not software-wise the hard drive resets things back to normal. Kind of like how if your computer is acting weird, the first step is generally to turn it off and on again.

How to solve Mac OS Bootcamp Error No Bootable device. Insert boot disk and press any key.

A tech forum such as GeeksToGo. If everything looks fine in the BIOS, you may want to insert Windows installation or recovery media and run the Startup Repair operation.

Installing Windows 7 or 10 Pro 64 bit without DVD or Flash Drive

This will attempt to make Windows bootable again. You can also attempt to manually fix Windows bootloader problems using the fixmbr and fixboot commands.

If Windows seems to start booting but fails partway through, you may be facing either a software or hardware problem. If the computer encounters errors while attempting to perform startup repair or reinstall Windows, or the reinstall process works properly and you encounter the same errors afterwards, you likely have a hardware problem.

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If Windows crashes or blue screens on you every time it boots, you may be facing a hardware or software problem. To test this, boot your Windows computer in safe mode. If the computer is stable in safe mode, try uninstalling any recently installed hardware drivers, performing a system restore, and scanning for malware.

Install 64-bit Windows on your macOS computer using Boot Camp Assistant

This will reset your computer back to its clean, factory-default state. If you have important files that will be lost and want to back them up before reinstalling Windows, you can use a Windows installer disc or Linux live media to recover the files. Following these steps should fix the vast majority of Windows boot issues—at least the ones that are actually fixable.

The dark cloud that always hangs over such issues is the possibility that the hard drive or another component in the computer may be failing. Image Credit: Karl-Ludwig G.