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If you notice that your Dock is missing after you update, then this article is for you. The Dock offers a great way to easily access your favorite apps. So when it is missing, you may find that very annoying.

How to Change Dock Stacks Icon Size in Grid View of OS X

Here is how you can fix this problem. Before we start, please check your Dock settings. Here you can change many appearance settings. Please make sure that you did not set the Dock to hide.

Add Space Between Icons on Mac OS X Dock - How to?

Make sure that your settings are accurate. You can adjust your settings.

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Furthermore, pressing the Option-Command-D keys will hide or show the Dock. Clicking on an icon where the app is already opened will bring you to that app, just like before.

Hide recent apps in Dock

If you still need to view the currently open apps on your Mac, you can use Mission Control. Lastly, one other option that I sometimes change in Dock settings is Minimize windows into application icon. Instead, another icon is added to the right side of the dock. As you can see, if I open Calendar and Notepad at the same time and the minimize them, it creates two more icons at the far right. When you check that option in dock settings, it will minimize those apps into the app icon rather than separately.

But none of your suggestions work on my computer. Without knowing the specifics,of course, I cant diagnose the problem perfectly. I do think, however, that I might have an answer to this.

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  5. When I right clicked on it, there was no immediately apparent option to remove it from the dock. Luckily, a quick trip over to the Apple discussion forums provided an answer.

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    Discussion member LockeX told the original poster to right click on the stubborn Dock icon, and then hover the mouse over the Options area. If you want the icon back in your Dock, simply open the Applications folder and drag the app icon to the Dock again. Source: Apple Discussions. As you open applications on your Mac, you may notice your Dock getting a little crowded.

    How to Change Dock Stacks Icon Size in Grid View of OS X

    Sometimes, though, your Dock might get a little too crowded. For example, I run Google Chrome all the time. If I remove that icon from the Dock, even when the app is running, I get more space for things I may not always need in the Dock.