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This last part is actually pretty important… Too much starch will tighten up your cheese sauce and will make it disappear before your very eyes. I know, starchy water normally helps us with our pasta recipes, but this is an exception.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | Leite's Culinaria

That being said, if you adjusted your ratios, maybe you could use the starchy water in your favor. However, for what we are going for in this recipe, I believe it is best to just remove the starch. The end result is a creamier mac and cheese that remains saucy even after being cooled and reheated. This is it. The focal point of this recipe. It goes without saying that making an excellent cheese sauce is of paramount importance when making an excellent mac and cheese.

This is where things get crazy. Out of all the elements of making mac and cheese, the sauce is by far the most variable. There are so many questions to consider, so many directions you could go, and so many freaking cheeses to choose from. So what is our vision? While you could probably write an article on this alone, we are going to skip right over this topic.

Also, as a starch, it still can potentially mute the cheese flavor, albeit much less so than flour. The question now becomes… How do we build a creamy, full-bodied sauce without the addition of starch? Well… melted cheese can certainly add body if melted properly. Our goal is to keep things creamy and dreamy.

To do this, we need to provide the cheese with an environment where it will gladly and easily melt away into a stable, homogeneous sauce. How do we do this? Like dissolves like — An old mantra I learned in chemistry class. Probably not. However, I believe it is a sufficient way to describe my possibly-not-true scientific theories. Example 1 like dissolving unlike :. Try to melt some cheese into water and you will get an odd, coagulated looking booger thing.

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No bueno. Example 2 like dissolving like. Try melting cheese into milk and you should get a better result. The only problem here is the water in milk… Think about cheese - there is not a whole lot of water in it. You can still force it into a homogeneous sauce by heavy whisking or blending, but the result is an underwhelming, thin, cheesy milk. In other words we need milk with less water and more of the good stuff.

This makes it the perfect environment for melting cheeses and emulsifying fats, ultimately yielding a creamy, full-bodied sauce. You can actually achieve a similar result with American cheese. In other words, it bares a large resemblance to evaporated milk, just in solid form. With this in mind, I actually attempted to use American cheese instead of evaporated milk for one of my batches of mac. It was really easy - just toss a few slices into your pot with some milk.

However, the result I got was… for lack of a better word… gross. Perhaps I used too much American cheese, but regardless, the sauce was far too gloppy for my liking. I tested several different batches, and while you really could use anything, I found the best results when using really freaking sharp cheddar cheese. Seriously, get the sharpest extra-extra-sharp cheddar you can find.

Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese with Kraft Coupons

If this is the case for your sauce, I encourage you to add a tiny bit of vinegar to help highlight the sharp flavors. I know this sounds weird, but trust me, it works. Heck, if your crazy and have some citric acid laying around, toss it in there instead. Well, there is some fat in the cheese and the evaporated milk, but for this recipe, we will mostly be using oil and a smidgen of butter.

Look, butter is awesome. Nothing beats it, and it most definitely belongs in your macaroni. It may raise some eyebrows, but using oil will allow us to reach an optimal fattiness while still leaving the sharp cheese flavors totally unmasked. I know I mentioned that a little butter is a good thing, and this still holds true… Just a little pad of it will be stirred into the mac at the end.


The rest of the ingredients are rather minor. Many recipes call for a touch of dried mustard powder, so I put it in this recipe for the heck of it. A little heat from the cayenne ignites the palate ever so slightly, and the white pepper provides a little balance without adding noticeable color. If you want a nice orange hue, you are going to have to get creative. I hope everyone enjoys the macaroni and cheese!

Could you make this the night in advance? Hi Emily!

Super-Cheesy Baked Macaroni & Cheese

I have made the mac and cheese the night before cooking it and I have reheated it as well. Are you going to cook it then reheat it, or prepare it and then cook it the next day? Best Mac n Cheese ever — made it GF and regular pasta — both good! Thank you so much Paula for the wonderful 5-star recipe review!

It makes my heart so happy to hear that this is the best mac and cheese. Thank you so much! This is recipe is a HUGE hit at my house. So creamy and delicious! He devours this and wants seconds, thirds…. Thank you Terri for the amazing 5-star recipe review!

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  4. It makes my heart so happy to hear that your family enjoys the gluten-free mac and cheese. I think he would try to eat a whole pan by himself if I let him.???? Thank you again! Mmmm, so good! Thanks for sharing your recipe, Audrey. I have only recently figured out that I need to avoid gluten, and so am just learning about GF products and recipes. I have your site bookmarked. Thank you so much Debra for the fantastic 5-star recipe review!

    I have made the recipe with the Barilla gluten-free penne, rotini and elbows and they all worked well in the recipe. I hope you enjoy any other recipes you try as well. Thanks again! Added bacon, onions and parsley on my first go around with this recipe. Happiest bellies on earth tonight! Thank you! Thank you so much Jamie for the awesome 5-star recipe review! You really made my day. I am so happy that you enjoyed the mac and cheese! Your additions sound super yummy.

    Everyone said it was good. It is very hard to get all four thumbs up in this house! I will be making mac n cheese like this from now on! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much Dawn for the awesome 5-star recipe review!


    I am so happy that everyone enjoyed the mac and cheese. I get really excited when gluten eaters enjoy my recipes too. This really made my day! Thank you again. Hi Deb! I have never tried this recipe in an Instant Pot. If you decide to try it, will you please let me know how it turns out? Hello there.. Does this recipe call for both shredded cheddar and velvetta or do you choose one or the other to add to the Parm? Hi Jeanna! You use all three kinds of cheeses in this mac and cheese recipe. I hope you enjoy it! I have a question. Then actually cook it tomorrow? Or should I cook it tonight and reheat it tomorrow?

    Thank you so much for the awesome 5-star recipe review Janie! I am so happy that you love the mac and cheese. I would prepare it tonight, cover it and keep in the fridge and then cook it tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys it! Like I said, I made this about 5 months ago and it was to die for!!!

    Thank you so much Janie for the awesome 5-star recipe review!

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    You are so welcome! Thank you so much Kristen!