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The name servers used once a VPN client has connected to the server.

How to create a Cisco VPN Connection in Apple Mac OS X LION

As well as the Search Domains configuration. Select which interface VPN or default interface of the client system that a client connects to each IP address and subnet mask over. Save Configuration Profile: Use this button to export configuration profiles to a file, which can then be distributed to client systems OS X using the profiles command, iOS using Apple Configurator or both using Profile Manager. PPTP runs over port Both are configured automatically when using Apple AirPorts as gateway devices. Officially, the ports to forward are listed at http: The serveradmin command can start the service, using the default settings, with no further configuration being required: To configure existing users to use the service, click on Users in the Server app sidebar.

At the list of users, click on a user and then click on the cog wheel icon, selecting Edit Access to Services.

Make use of the built-in VPN service in OS X - CNET

At the Service Access screen will be a list of services that could be hosted on the server; verify the checkbox for VPN is highlighted for the user. Setting Up Client Computers As you can see, configuring the VPN service in Mountain Lion Server is a simple and straight-forward process — much easier than eating your cereal with a fork and doing your homework in the dark..

Configuring clients is as simple as importing the profile generated by the service. However, you can also configure clients manually.

7/22/2011: Cisco VPN Client compatibility with Mac OS 10.7/Lion

Then provide a name for the connection in the Service Name field and click on Create. At the list of network interfaces in the Network System Preference pane, provide the hostname or address of the server in the Server Address field and the username that will be connecting to the VPN service in the Account Name field. But much more information about using a VPN can be required. So rather than try to use the server as both, use a 3rd party firewall like most everyone else and then use the server as a VPN appliance.

Mac OS X L2TP Client Setup

Hopefully it can do much more than just that to help justify the cost. Thank you for any suggestions and clarifications!

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Thanks, -Ron. The most interesting thing is in "Authentication settings": And the reason for that might be in "type" of certificates. All the certificates I have are identified by OS X as a user certificates so it cannot be used to authorize the machine by the way, is it right? Okay, if we try the l2tp over IPSec there is the same problem: I can even choose a user cerificate from eToken, but I still have no machine cert.

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OR I would be glad for a hint or a link to where I can find any description about cisco vpn features We are using certificates that we've generated on the CA and distributed to the clients. This CA cert becomes a Trust Point on the firewall. The firewall certificate key passwords are documented with the devices themselves in the Password Notes.

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Connecting via IP address is not supported as the certificates do not include the subjectAltName for the IP addresses. This is to support any future IP changes without having to re-key all the clients and devices. Each user requires a separate key and certificate to be generated using openssl and the CA key.

Heaven forbid, if you should have to regenerate the CA certificate and key, here is the process You must now re-generate all device keys and certs, reconfigure all devices, and the re-generate all user keys and certs according to the instructions above. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Mac OS X Lion Server For Dummies

Here's the task: This is how it usually looks like in Windows: Tap connect, enter pin for eToken and you are connected So how to set up a connection if: There is a cisco asa on other end. OS X Lion If someone know a decision for different clients - it will be nice to see it here.

Thanks beforehand! You'll probably find people better suited to answer this over on ServerFault. Yep, I think I should: All this grown from programming problem so I hardly understood in the moment of posting that it's actually not in the current context. You will need the CA key password for the certificate creation process below openssl ca How to add new users On ca-server: Also look for the line: