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Schermo MacBook Pro con antiriflesso rovinato, Apple lo sostituirà gratis il problema su aree molto ampie, in alcuni casi persino su tutto il display. ed ora Cupertino ha esteso ulteriormete la copertura per alcuni Mac Plus, un programma di sostituzione del tasto Standby/Riattiva di iPhone 5.

Home is where you live. To be feel quite at home. To be at home in a subject. A home from home. He has long lived in France, but always regards President Ho Chi Minh as an image of his homeland and a source of encouragement for his solitary life in a foreign country. Overseas job opportunities. Job opportunities abroad. Foreign, overseas. Overseas wmarket. A former French colony. The 13 colonies that seceded from Great Britain and fought the War of Independence became the 13 original states. To colonize Africa and parts of Asia and the Pacific.

Colonial peoples. Colonial policy. The British lost their North American colonies in , but Great Britain remained an important colonial power colonialism. Colonialism has been the subject of intense moral and political controversy. Le Paria. To oppress the ethnic minorities. The oppressed nations. The oppressor and the oppressed. Class oppression. An n ignominious behaviour. An ignominious defeat.

Giáo trình Những nguyên lý cơ bản của Chủ nghĩa Mac Lenin - Chương 1

An ignoble action. National liberation. Land reform and women's emancipation decrees. To bring culture to the masses. Folks are counting on us! Public awareness of the problem has increased. It's difficult to know what the grassroots reaction will be. We must not forget about the grassroots. Ruling yoke. The yoke of slavery.

The colonialist yoke. To put a yoke on a buffalo. Ta tim kiem thong tin gi o Han Quoc. Sau khi ta xem let's beauty show on TV, ta nghi gi. Co phai chuong trinh phep mau tham my - let's beauty ta rat thich thu xem canh nhung thi sinh lot xac, nhung thi sinh tai sinh va ngam nhin ho that lau khong. Ta nhin ho nau an, ta co lam duoc giong nhu ho khong. Trong qua khu ta da tung tham gia khoa hoc nau an bao gio chua. Ta co biet tu nau an cho minh va nau an cho nguoi khac khong.

Re-enter, register, restore, rewrite, write-back. Have you ever studied under her?.

Dân giàu, nước mạnh, dân chủ, công bằng, văn minh là mục tiêu, đích đến của Việt Nam

How long have you been taking English lessons?. How long have you been learning English? To learn how to repair motorcycles. To recycle newspaper. When items are recycled, they are re-used. For example, used paper can be recycled into new paper. Every day, all over the world, people drop cans, boxes, paper, and bottles into bins and never think about them again.

And the rubbish mountains get bigger and bigger. But there is another way — a way that makes old paper into houses, broken bottles into jewellery, and old cans into bridges. Anyone can recycle — it's easy, it saves money, and it's a way to say, 'I care about the Earth. A regenerate society. To regenerate damaged organs or tissues. To be feet indignant at something. To arouse somebody's indignation. To treat somebody with indignity. The wrath of God. To set fire to something. They were in a state of exhaustion after climbing the mountain. To get on someone"s nerves. A man with iron nerves.

A man with nerves of steel. She used to be terribly shy, but a year abroad has completely transformed her. The process by which caterpillars are transformed into butterflies. A complete change of climate which transformed the area from a desert into a swamp. The frequent changes of weather affect his health. The news affected him deeply. These goings and coming interfere with the work. Don"t interfere with me! Who's been interfering with the torch? It gives no more light. To interfere with one's friend's marriage. Don't interfere with me when I'm consulting a dictionary!

The effect of heat on metals. Did the medicine have any effect? To be under someone's influence. To be immune from evil influences. To compete for ascendancy. To use one's influence with someone. Their opinion affected my decision. In psychoanalysis, an inner command that prevents one from doing something forbident. Some inhibitions are essential for social adjustment, but excessive inhibitions can severely retrict one's life.

In psychology, a tendency not to carry out a specific action, produced each time the action is carried put. Uc che, trong sinh ly hoc, su ngan hay giam chuc nang cua mot co quan, mot co Do tac dong cua mot so xung luc than kinh. Trong phan tam hoc, mot menh lenh noi tai ngan nguoi ta khong lam mot dieu gi do bi cam doan.

Mot so uc che, duoc coi nhu thiet yeu cho viec dieu hoa xa hoi, nhung neu uc che qua dang se go bo doi song con nguoi. Trong tam ly hoc, khuynh huong khong thuc hien duoc mot hanh dong dac hieu xay ra moi khi thuc hien hanh dong. Inhibitor : a substance that prevents the occurence of a givent process reaction. See also MAO inhibitor. Chat uc che, mot chat ngan can mot tien trinh hay mot phan ung da biet khong cho xay ra. Cung xem chat uc che MAO. To restrict, to control, to suppress, to repress, to restrain, to inhibit, inhibitory, repressive.

The August Revolution. Revolution in information technology. To carry out revolution, the youth must first carry it out in. Revolution in the relations of production, technical revolution and ideological and cultural revolution are the three organic components of the socialist revolution. Revolutionary ideas, revolutionary ideology.

Revolutionary fighter. National revolution. Russian October Revolution. The Russian October Revolution was the world's first successful proletarian revolution. The Cultural Revolution is a comprehensive reform movement initiated by Mao Ze Dong in to eliminate counter-revolutionary elements. Socialist revolution. Democratic revolution.

People's democratic revolution. To revolutionize ideology; to revolutionize one's thinking. The fierce fighting speeded up the revolutionization of the masses. Independent proofs. International Day of Happiness. Strained nerves. Neurologist, mental, nervous. Mental stress. To be under stress. To be under nervous strain. Nervous system is the system of cells, tissues, and organs that regulates the body's responses to internal and external stimuli. Innate : describing a condidtion or characteristic that is present in an individual at birth and is inherited from his parents.

See also congenital. Bam sinh, mo ta mot tinh trang hay dac diem co tren mot ca the tu khi sanh va duoc di truyen tu cha me. Cung xem phan dich chu congenital. Instinct : a complex pattern of behaviour innately determind, which is characteristic of all individuals of the same species. The behaviour is released and modified by environmental stimuli, but its pattern is relatively uniform and predetermined.

Ban nang, mot kieu mau phuc tap ve cu xu da dinh san tu khi sinh ra, dieu nay la dac diem cua tat ca cac ca the thuoc cung mot loai. Thai do cu xu lo ra va thay doi theo cac kich thich moi truong, nhung kieu mau van tuong doi dong nhat va da dinh truoc. Mot xu huong bam sinh thuc day mot ca the den mot muc dich dac biet thi du, duc tinh libido trong phan tam hoc. Limbic system : a complex system of nerve pathways and networks in the brain, involving several different nuclei, that is involved in the expression of instinct and mood in activities of the endocrine and motor systems of the body.

The activities of the body that are governed are those concerned with self preservation e. See also reticular activating system. He ban tinh, mot he thong phuc tap cac duong va mang than kinh trong nao, bao gom nhieu nhan khac nhau. Cac hoat dong co the do he nay chi phoi la cac hoat dong lien quan den su sinh ton thi du tim thuc an, chien dau va bao ton noi giong nhu sinh san va cham soc con cai , su bieu lo so hai, gian du, va khoan khoai, va thiet lap cac kieu mau tri nho.

Cung xem he luoi hoat. Corpus callosum : the broad band of nervous tissue that connects the two cerebral hemispheres, containing an estimated million fibres. See cerebrum. The chai gian noan the mot bang thong rong cac mo than kinh noi tiep hai ban cau nao, co chua khoang trieu soi. Xem nao. Viet ngu la ngon ngu thu hai - Bilingual languges cua cac vi co phai khong. Viet ngu la ngon ngu hanh chinh cua cac vi co phai khong. Viet ngu co phai la ngon ngu the gioi khong.

Viet ngu co phai la ngon ngu thong nhat Trai dat khong. Viet ngu la ngon ngu cua dan toc thieu so co phai khong. To see a film subtitled in Vietnamese. To see a film with Vietnamese subtitles. Neu ta dem chu viet nguoc dat truoc guong ta co doc duoc khong. Ta co doan - guess va nghi - think khong. Cac vi doc nguoc bang chu cai duoc khong. Ta co biet ta dang noi gi khong, ta co hieu gi khong, tri nho cua ta the nao. Cau noi nhu vay : Lang nghe thau cam, thuyen giam noi dau, dieu tri tam tri.

Ta doc : Tri tam tri dieu, dau noi giam thuyen, cam thau nghe lang. Khi ta den Benh vien Tam Than Tp. Ke xam chiem lanh tho, cuop doat chu quyen lanh tho, va ke nay noi nuoc minh bi xam luoc va muon dat nuoc cua minh duoc doc lap. Ke chiem lay co the cua cua nguoi khac, va ke do noi doc lap. Ke chiem quyen kiem soat co the cua cua nguoi khac, va ke do noi doc lap. Ke chiem quyen kiem soat the gioi, va ke do noi doc lap. Ke xam chiem oc nguoi, va ke do noi doc lap. Ke xam nhap vao ben trong co the cua con nguoi, va ke do noi doc lap. Co vi noi thiet bi doc suy nghi con nguoi khong co nhin qua doi mat cua nguoi bi doc suy nghi.

Ke au dam, ke cuong dam co nghi gi den dao duc khong. Tu ngu mat xac co nghia la gi. Trong moi quan he ban be cua cac vi, doi tac kinh te cua cac vi, co ai noi voi cac vi di an choi di, di quan he tinh duc voi ke di, di kiem ban lam tinh di, bao gio chua. Co ke o trong dau ta noi ta di an choi di, cac vi nghi sao ve ke nay.

Cac vi nhin qua doi mat cua ta. Vi ta nhan biet giong noi phat ra o ben trong dau, trong co, trong bung va ta nghe tieng nguoi khong thay nguoi, ta nhan biet ngon ngu tieng viet. Co the ta khong co bat ky thiet bi. Co vi noi ho noi chuyen binh thuong, ho khong phai la cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam.

Tat ca cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, co phai ta lay cac cau noi duoi day trong bo phim The World behide the teenager psychic tren kenh HBO. Chiem lay co the, khong biet gi het, chu y thuc, noi o trong dau, khong tiep dat. Cac vi ghi nhan dieu gi qua bo phim nay. To earth a wire. To ground a wire. Tat ca cu dan cua nha nuoc the gioi song hanh, kieu bao nguoi viet nam hai ngoai, cu dan vietnam, trong qua khu cua ta, ta da den coi am - the world of the dead bao gio chua, ta da tung tiep xuc nguoi o coi am bao gio chua. Ta co ve moi khong.

White Blouse. To chant prayers and pray under one's breath to Buddha. He can't grasp the basic concepts of mathematics. Temporal and spatial boundaries. There is a fine line between fact and fiction. The dividing line between the enemy and ourselves. Boundary of territory. Being and nothingness. To bring somebody back to reality. What is the source of all this?

Cause and effect. He caused his parents much unhappiness. She's always causing trouble for people. Her life was devoted to the cause of justice. He fought for the republican cause in the civil war. Ong ay mot doi vi mot the gioi hoa binh. Ong ay suot doi dau tranh vi nhan quyen va phap quyen.

Cac vi mo ta bang cach viet ra giay, hoac phac hoa - sketch chan dung cua ho ra giay. Double-sided disk.

Những nguyên lý cơ bản của chủ nghĩa Mac-Le Nin 2

Double-sided printing double-faced. Double-faced fabric. Jekyll and Hyde. Loyal friendship. The married couple swore to be faithful to each other. To cheat on somebody. Moi tai khoan ta co bao nhieu tien. Ta thuc hien bao lan chuyen tien ra nuoc ngoai. Cloth cleaner. Moi tinh dau ve ta the nao.

Vat ky niem tinh yeu - love token cua ta la gi. Loi hen bien the non - lover's vows cua ta nhu the nao. The first loveis the greatest feeling in the world. Tinh yeu dau doi la cam giac tuyet voi nhat tren doi. The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end. Ma luc cua tinh dau la su ngu ngo khong bao gio co hoi ket. My first love taught me the lessions of passion and power my actions can have on another.

It taught me I was worthly to be loved uncondidtionally. My first love prepared me to be a better lover next time. Moi tinh dau day cho toi nhung bai hoc ve su dam me va suc anh huong cua minh doi voi nguoi khac. No cho toi thay toi xung dang duoc yeu mot cach vo dieu kien. Chinh moi tinh dau da huan luyen toi tro thanh mot nguoi yeu tot hon cho lan ke tiep. First love, the love that clings to your heart forever, no matter how much pain it has caused, no matter how many tears have fallen, first love will never leave your soul.

Moi tinh dau, moi tinh se niu chat trai tim ban mai mai, du cho no co gay dau don nhieu the nao, du cho bao nhieu nuoc mat da tuon roi, tinh dau se khong bao gio roi bo tam tri ban. I worked so hard for that first kiss. Like an old photograph. Time can make a feeling fade. But the memory of a first love. Never fades away. Toi da vat va cho nu hon dau. Va trai tim luon khac ghi dieu do.

Nhu mot buc anh cu. Thoi gian co the lam nhoa cam giac. Nhung ky uc tinh dau khong bao gio phai. Why is it, when your looking for that someone, you find no one, but, once you find it, a lot more choices start showing up. But, if you leave that first love, then, they all start drifting away.

Is that love's way of testing your true feelings or to see if you're ready for love. Tai sao, khi ban dang tim kiem mot nguoi nao do thi ban se khong tim thay ai ca, nhung mot khi ban da tim thay roi thi lai co nhieu lua chon bat dau xuat hien. Nhung neu ban roi bo moi tinh dau thi khi do moi tinh khac lai bat dau dat di mat. Lieu do co phai la cach tinh yeu kiem chung cam xuc that cua ban hay de xem ban da san sang cho tinh yeu hay chua.

Your first love. You know who I'm talking about because I bet you read the words 'first love' and that one boy came into your mind. There's nothing like the first boy you were so afraid to lose, the boy that changed you, changed your expextations, change the way you looked at yourself and the world, the one that you will compare all other guys to because you know he's the one that set the standards for love.

Moi tinh dau cua ban, ban biet toi dang noi ve ai boi vi toi cam doan khi ban doc nhung tu 'moi tinh dau' thi hinh anh cua nguoi ay lien hien ra trong tam tri ban. Khong co ai giong nhu anh chang dau tien ban so bi mat, nguoi da lam thay doi ban, thay doi ky vong cua ban, thay doi cach nhin ngam minh va the gioi, mot nguoi ma ban se so sanh voi tat ca nhung nguoi con trai khac boi bi ban nhan ra do la nguoi da thiet lap nhung chuan muc cho tinh yeu. First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.

Moi tinh dau la mot chut kho khao va lam to mo. When you fall in love for the first time, your heart races, your pulse quickens and you feel more alive than ever before. Khi ban yeu lan dau, tim ban ron ra, mach ban don dap va ban cam thay tran day suc song hon bao gio het. If I hard to choose whether to breathe or to love you, I would use my last breath to tell you that I love you.

Neu phai chon duoc tho hoac duoc yeu em, anh se dung hoi tho cuoi cung de noi voi em rang You're my everything, without you I'm nothing. Anh la tat ca cua em, khong co anh em khong la gi ca. You are the twinkle of my eyes. The smile on my lips. The joy of my face. Without you I am incomplete. Anh la tia sang lap lanh trong mat em. La nu cuoi tren moi em. La net han hoan tren guong mat em. Khong co anh, em khiem khuyet. I love 3 things. The sun, the moon and you. The sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever.

Anh yeu 3 dieu. Mat troi, mat trang va em. Mat troi cho ngay, mat trang cho dem va Meeting you was fate, becomming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. Gap em la dinh menh, tro thanh ban em la mot lua chon, nhung yeu em lai nam ngoai kiem soat cua anh. Women still remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last.

Phu nu van nho nu hon dau tien sau khi nguoi dan ong da quen di nu hon cuoi cung. The first kiss is stolen by the man, the last is begged by the woman. Nu hon dau tien bi danh cap boi nguoi dan ong, nu hon cuoi duoc cau xin boi nguoi phu nu. Ke cuong dam nguoi ta, lieu oc han ta co cho la gia dinh - suppose khong. Ke trom dot nhap vao nha, lieu oc cua han ta co nghi chi la gia dinh - putative khong.

Ke xam luoc oc nguoi, ke tham nhap oc oc nguoi, ke xam nhap oc nguoi, ke chiem ngu - occupy and defend oc nguoi, lieu oc han ta nghi rang la gia dinh - suppose khong. Ta mo coi cha nam ta len may tuoi, ta mo coi me nam ta len may tuoi. Ta roi khoi nha tre mo coi nam ta bao nhieu tuoi. Ky uc cua ta co hinh anh cha me ta khong.

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Ky uc cua cac vi co hinh anh cha me khong. Cac vi nghi cach gi de cho dua tre mo coi cha me. Who's always present in time of need, ready and willing to help out friends and family? A family's everyday expenditure. To provide for one's family. To feed one's family. To put one's family first. A family business. Putative : H. To be fatherless. To have lost one's father. To be motherless. To have lost one's mother.

To have lost both one's parents. She was orphaned in the war. Harsh realities of life. To come face to face with reality. To be confronted with reality. They have practical control over the seaport and all trade. That's not really what happened. We must be practical! His de facto wife. Revolutionary reality. Actual struggle. Khong dung nhin cac vi di ia, di dai nua la khi nao, khong tam rua cho cac vi la khi cac vi len may tuoi. Lan cuoi cung cac vi khong nghi den viec rua dit, thay ta cho con cua cac vi la khi nao, khong con viec cham lo cho con cua cac vi di dai, di ia la khi nao.

Khong dung nhin con cua cac vi di ia, di dai nua la khi nao, khong tam rua cho con cac vi la khi cac vi len may tuoi. Ta khong biet ho nghe gi, ho nhin gi, ho nghi gi, ho biet gi, ho hieu gi, ho nho gi, ho noi gi, ho doc gi, ho viet gi, ho nem gi, ho ngui gi, ho so gi, ho cam nhan gi, ho nhan biet gi, ho cam giac gi, ho cam xuc gi, ho hieu gi, ho biet gi, Ta khong khong biet ve moi quan he cua ho, tinh cam cua ho, tai chinh cua ho, cac phi vu lam an kinh te cua ho, tinh net, tinh tinh, tinh khi, ban chat, dac diem, nang luc, ban nang, tai nang, Kha nang suy nghi, hieu biet, Ta khong biet ve hoat dong tam ly cua ho the nao.

Public Health inspector. To inspect : Thanh tra. Police inspector. Compassionate leave.


Reference from English Vietnamese Dictionary from Ipad. Causal agent : a factor associated with the definitive onset of an illness other response, including an accident. Examples of causal agents are bacteria, trauma, and noxious agents. The relationship is more direct than in the sace of a risk factor. Tac nhan gay benh, mot yeu to phoi hop voi su khoi phat ro rang cua mot benh hoac phan ung khac bao gom tai nan.

Thi du tac nhan gay benh la vi khuan, chuan thuong hoac cac chat doc. Su lien can it truc tiep hon trong truong hop yeu to gay nguy co. Pathogen : a microoganism, such as a bacterium, that parasitizes an animal or plant or man and produces a disease. Tac nhan gay benh, mot vi sinh vat nhu ky sinh trung trong dong vat hay thuc vat hay nguoi va gay ra benh. Pathogenic : capable of causing disease. The term is appied to a parasitic microoganism especially a bacterium in the relation to utshost.

Gay benh, co kha nang gay benh. Tu nay dung cho mot sinh vat ky sinh dac biet mot vi trung lien quan toi ky chu cua vi sinh vat nay. Pathology : the study of disease possesses with the aim of understanding their nature and causes. This is achieved by observing samples of blood, urine, faeces, and diseased tissue obtained from the living patient or at autospy, by the used X-xay, and by many other techiques. Clinical pathology is the application of the knowledge gained to the treatment of patients.

Benh hoc, khoa hoc ve cac tien trinh benh voi muc dich va tim hieu ban chat va nguyen nhan benh. Dieu nay thuc hien bang cach quan sat cac mau mau, nuoc tieu, phan, va cac mo benh lay tren co the song hay khi giai phau tu thi, bang cach dung X- quang va bang nhieu ky thuat khac xem sinh thiet. Benh lam sang la viec ap dung cac kien thuc co duoc de chua tri cac benh nhan. References from English Vietnamese Medical Dictionary. Pham Ngoc Tri. Nha xuat ban y hoc. Tat ca cac vi la tac nhan. Tat ca cac vi nhin qua doi mat ta thay the gioi ben ngoai tu nuoc ngoai ve Vietnam den nay.

Tat ca deu biet, tat ca cac vi deu nho ta dem thong tin SOS tu ben trong dau cua ta - inside head vao trong chiec dien thoai, Ipad va send an SOS. A treaty designed to prevent a world war. To put the printer on-line. The wires connect up under the floor. Link : A chain is made up of many links. Cac vi ngoi truoc man hinh may tinh, co duoc hieu cac vi dang ket noi voi may tinh khong. Cac vi dang ngoi truoc man hinh Tivi, co duoc hieu cac vi dang ket noi voi Tivi khong. Cac vi gap ai do, co duoc hieu cac vi dang ket noi voi nguoi do khong.

When a group of animals or plants goes extinct, they are gone forever. Some extinct animals include dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats, and dodo birds. Bi mat cua ta la gi. Co ai den gap cac vi, trong dau cac vi nghi rang : benh dich den, dich benh den, khong. Cac vi yeu ai do trong dau cac vi co nghi can phai hoan thien nguoi ay khong. Neu may tinh cua cac vi bi nhiem vi rut cac vi xu ly the nao. Neu may tinh, dien thoai di dong, Ipad, Tv trong nha cua cac vi bi ke khac xam nhap, cac vi co biet khong, neu may tinh cua cac vi bi virut cac vi xu ly the nao, neu dien thoai cua cac vi bi hu hong, cac vi xu ly the nao.

Cyberterrorism : Khung bo mang may tinh. Chien thuat khung bo. Terror tactics. To launch a campaign of terror in populous cities. Terrorism is the use or threatened use of violence for ideological or political reasons terrorist. Is it a terrorist action? A terrorist attack. A suspected terrorist Hacker : Dien tac, tin tac, nguoi lay du lieu may tinh ma khong duoc phep. To commit a crime prejudicial to national security. To violate one's neighbour's privacy. To violate constitutional liberties. Ta thay thong tin duoi day o to bao nao vao sang ngay hom qua.

bai tap nhung nguyen ly co ban cn mac-le

Dong nghia, bi an, tuyet mat. Noi tiep nhan, diem tiep nhan dich sang ngon ngu tieng anh nghia la gi. Nhap gia tuy tuc, dao giang tuy khuc dich sang ngon ngu tieng anh nghia la gi. Cac vi viet ra giay. Ben ngoai xam nhap cac vi xu ly the nao, ben trong xam nhap cac vi xu ly the nao. Bien gioi ma cac vi hieu nhu the nao, cac vi viet ra giay. Ai so huu con mat thu ba cua Shiva, nguoi ay so huu ca the gioi. Moi vat huu hinh deu la hu vo.

Moi vat vo hinh deu la hu vo. They own nothing of great value. Most airports are under public ownership proprietary. A crime against humanity. The milk of human kindness. To err is human. One of the worst defeats in United States political history. Amnesia, Partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock, psychological disturbance, brain injury. To become a thing of the past. To look back on one's past. Let bygones be bygones!.

Let's forget the past! Brain, intellect : Tri oc. Doi song cua quan linh the nao, doi song cua nguoi dan the nao. Chien tranh ma cac biet nhu the nao, cac vi viet ra giay. Tinh duc ma cac vi biet nhu the nao, cac vi viet ra giay. Nguoi chat sex, co phai la ke khong ra gi khong, co phai la ke khong dang hoang - decent khong.

Make love : Embrace in a loving way and have intercourse. I can't describe how I feel when we make love. It's breathtaking! Have sex : Have sexual intercourse, make love. She said that it's dangerous to have sex with several partners. Her interest in him is primarily sexual. All he thinks about is sex.

Sex is all he thinks about. He thinks about nothing but sex. He's got sex on the brain; He's a sex maniac. Sex-mad, voluptuous, oversexed, libidinous sexual. A man with lots of sex appeal. Cybersex, also called computer sex, Internet sex, netsex and, colloquially, cyber or cybering, is a virtual sex encounter in which two or more people connected remotely via computer network send each other sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience.

In one form, this fantasy sex is accomplished by the participants describing their actions and responding to their chat partners in a mostly written form designed to stimulate their own sexual feelings and fantasies. The quality of a cybersex encounter typically depends upon the participants' abilities to evoke a vivid, visceral mental picture in the minds of their partners. Imagination and suspension of disbelief are also critically important. Cybersex can occur either within the context of existing or intimate relationships, e.

In some contexts cybersex is enhanced by the use of a webcam to transmit real-time video of the partners. Ta khong thay khuon mat cua cac vi.

Ta la du khach. Quoc tich Vietnam. Ta den mot so nuoc Asean vao nam Ta an xin gan bon thang o Thailand. I tried to hide my face in the darkness. To hide oneself : Giau minh. To hide one's address from one's friends.

UNIT 13 – HOBBIES – Tiếng anh lớp 11 – Tài liệu cô Cẩm Nhung

Don't try to conceal the facts from me!. Don't try to blind me to the facts! I make no secret of my humble origins. I make no secret about my humble origins. He failed without his parents' knowledge; He kept his parents in the dark about his fail. To conceal one's income. We have nothing to hide. I have no secrets from her. She loves me and she's never made any secret of it. A tape recorder concealed in a drawer. He tried to conceal his heavy drinking from his family.

He spoke with ill-concealed contempt for his audience. To keep something secret. She bottles up her emotions. What is done by night appears by day. Murder will out. To preserve one's anonymity. A high official on condition of anonymity disclosed that He travelled under the of X. To travel incognito. To keep one's plan to oneself. To impose on somebody's kindness. To impose on somebody.

To take advantage of somebody's helpfulness. There needs to be goodwill on both sides. Show goodwill towards them right now! Ta thay tu ngu nay o dau. Ta cam tuong the nao sau khi xem xong chuong trinh Miss Universe. Ta xem chuong trinh nay o dau. To jot down one"s comments after visiting an exhibition.

From my conversation with him, I got the impression that Moi nguoi dai dien cho moi quoc gia. She spoke in her capacity as government representative. To represent. To deputize for somebody. To act as deputy for somebody. If you are not available, you must have someone stand in for you. If you are not available, you must delegate someone. Vi du : I have a big house, a car and 1 millions dollars Toi co mot ngoi nha lon, mot chiec xe va mot trieu do.

You have to be careful with that money. You'll attract a lot of diggers. Anh phai can than voi so tien do. Anh se thu hut rat nhieu ke dao mo do. Toan bo vu tru xoay xung quanh tinh duc. Toi lam anh thoa man cac giac quan, anh lam toi thoa man cac giac quan. Reference from book Khoa hoc tu nhan thuc. During the Information Age, digital industry shapes a knowledge-based society surrounded by a high-tech global economy that exerts influence on how the manufacturing and service sectors operate in an efficient and convenient way.

In a commercialized society, the information industry can allow individuals to explore their personalized needs, therefore simplifying the procedure of making decisions for transactions and significantly lowering costs both for producers and for buyers. This[clarification needed] is accepted overwhelmingly by participants throughout the entire economic activities for efficacy purposes, and new economic incentives would[original research? I have no stomach for songs. I haven't the heart to sing. He gave me a friendly wave. A friendly smile. A friendly match. A user-friendly computer system.

Amicable advice. An amicable settlement. Co vi noi noi cai do la cai giet nguoi. Co vi noi may giau co la nho tao Co vi noi khong ai kiem nhieu tien voi luong thoi gian do dau. Co vi noi ong Nuyen Bac Son khong cho dang bao. Co vi noi bon chung no se giet nguoi nha cua may. Co vi noi thon tinh gia pha, gia toc, gia dinh ta.

Ho gui danh sach gia dinh ta len cao uy lien hiep quoc. Co vi noi giet chet con nho do di, bao nhieu nguoi cung phai chet con nho do. Co vi noi thangcon ong Ly Hien Long ra nuoc ngoai can than bi ban chet. Co vi noi Lien Hiep Quoc o Mi buoc phai dong cua. Co vi noi Nguyen Sinh Hung phai tu hinh. Co vi noi dang le ra Le Thanh Hai phai tu hinh. Co vi noi vi sao cha me may bi bat. Co vi noi dat nuoc nguoi Viet do nguoi dong tinh quan ly.

Co vi noi tat ca kinh te cua vietnam do nguoi ngoai quoc dong tinh quan ly. Co vi noi ke nao o trong nao cua may se bi giet chet. Co vi noi ve nuoc phai tranh ho Dinh, ho Tran, ho Nguyen, ve nuoc phai nho sang Phap, sang Phap, ve nuoc phai xac nhan moi quan he va xin gia nhap quoc te gap, co vi noi ta di that xa that khoang hai nam moi tro ve. Co vi noi thong tin SOS ta gui duoc dich ra 17 ngon ngu, duoc dich ra hon ngon ngu. Co vi noi thong tin SOS ta gui, duoc gui den cac ton giao ngoai lanh tho. Co vi noi chinh thang Pham Binh Minh se bi xu ban ngay tai cho.

Co vi noi Cong Giao hiem ac voi may. Co vi noi dat nuoc may noi : ma - ghost nhap. Co vi noi may la nguoi tinh cua Tong Thong, Thu Tuong cac nuoc. Co vi noi ho tra tan may suot nhieu nam lien, ho khong biet gi het. Co vi noi Dat nuoc may co dung lai khong. Co vi noi ta la con re cua Tong Thomg Barack Obama. Ai la nguoi phat minh ra chiec dien thoai dau tien tren the gioi. Cac vi nho viet ra giay. Ta den lam gi. Ta nghi gi.

Confirm Humanity Before we subscribe you, we need to confirm you are a human. I'm not a robot. Cac vi co nho khuon mat cua ke ma cac vi khong ua khong. Cac vi co nho khuon mat cua ke ma cac vi khong thich khong. Cac vi co nho khuon mat cua ke ma cac vi khong hai long khong. Cac vi co nho khuon mat cua ke ma cac vi khong hop y. Building commenced about The mausoleum was complete by about and the surrounding complex of buildings and gardens was complete by about Situated on the southern bank of the Yamuna River, the white marble mausoleum is composed of four identical facades, each containing a large central arch 33 m ft high.

A large bulb-shaped dome, over 73 m ft tall, rises over the center, with four smaller domes surrounding it. The building is raised on a square podium with a minaret at each corner. It is flanked by two red sandstone buildings-a mosque and its replica, the Jawab Answer , a building of which the main function is visual balance. The gate and accompanying walls also contain a vast, geometrically laid out garden, m 1, ft on each side.

The enclosed garden, itself a Muslim symbol of paradise, is centered on a large, raised pool. Canals divide it into four equal parts, each containing flower beds, fountains, and cypress trees symbols of death. Inside theTaj Mahal, the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal stands at the center of an octagonal hall, while the slightly larger tomb of Shah Jahan, who died in , is off to one side. Both are elaborately carved and inlaid with semiprecious stones, illuminated by sunlight filtering through an elaborately carved marble screen that is also studded with jewels.

It took approximately 20 years to complete the mausoleum. The front of the building is similar in all sides. The mausoleum has four domes around it. According to the passage, which of the following statements is false? The garden of the Taj Mahal is a Muslim symbol of paradise. In beauty of design and rich decorative detail, Taj Mahal is one of the best buildings in the world. The Mughah emperor Shah Jahan died 35 years after his wife. From the four word or phrase — a, b, c or d — choose the one that best completes the sentence. Of all the monarchs in French history, the infamous.

The Great Wall of China is. The Great Wall of China which is. That is estimated. An estimate that. That the estimated. Choose the sentence — a, b, c or d — which is closest in meaning to the printed one. He liked London very little and Vienna less. He liked Vienna but not London.