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The directions are slightly different for each. T here should be an option to choose Spanish.

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Select it, and click OK. Select your System Preferences section, and look for the icon called Keyboard.

Three Ways to Insert Accent Marks in Microsoft Word

From there, you can edit your keyboard from the Input Sources section. If you check the box to Show Input Menu in Menu Bar , you will now be able to choose between Spanish and English keyboards from the top bar of your Mac.

Accent Codes for the Macintosh

The big difference between Spanish and English keyboards is that your apostrophe key will no longer function the same way. Instead, the apostrophe key will immediately correlate to whatever vowel follows it. Similar to the Option and e method on the mac, any time you press the apostrophe key and then a vowel, it will add an accent to it. If you actually do want to use an apostrophe, use the hyphen key next to your 0.

Window 95-98 and beyond

If you want to use an actual semicolon, press and hold shift when you press the comma key. To use quotes, hold Shift followed by the number 2. Skip to main content. Follow the instructions below to activate different keyboards as needed.

They will remain active in your profile between logins. See the Macintosh Computing Lab page to see which Mac operating system is installed.

Holding down the letter

To use these codes, you need to activate the U. Note: Some codes may not work if the software or Web site does not fully support Unicode.

Extended Accent Codes for Mac

It's actually pretty simple, no matter what version of Word you're using. It's easy to add accents in Word using the menu bar. Here's how to do it in Word , which comes with a Microsoft Office subscription. If you have an older version of Word, that's fine too; the process is similar for Word , Word , and Word If you are using an unusual font in Word, you may not be able to add an accent using that particular font.

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In that case, your best bet is to switch to one of the standard fonts. The Symbols dialog box will open. If you need one of the more common accents, you should see it as you scroll down the list of letters. If you don't immediately see the accent you want, make sure you're viewing the Symbols tab and the Font drop-down menu is set to Normal Text.

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Choose the accent you want, select the Insert button, then select Close. To access an even larger library of accents, select Latin Extended-A in the Subset drop-down menu at the right-hand side of your screen. Of course, using the menu isn't the only way to add accents in Word.