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Schermo MacBook Pro con antiriflesso rovinato, Apple lo sostituirà gratis il problema su aree molto ampie, in alcuni casi persino su tutto il display. ed ora Cupertino ha esteso ulteriormete la copertura per alcuni Mac Plus, un programma di sostituzione del tasto Standby/Riattiva di iPhone 5.

System designers can add buffs to anything in the game whether hidden or not allowing a multitude of buffs and debuffs. Here are a few of the notable changes:. We added a new system that allows the player to compare items of quality of the same type in loot containers, inventory or worn to be compared.

Here is how it works:. The new system is more player data focused and has less data to manage. Much like horde heat maps players have their own heat signature value that goes up and down over time represented in a new UI stat at the bottom left, colored yellow with an eyeball icon. This stealth UI stat bar is only shown when the player crouches. The fuller the yellow bar the more un-stealthy the player is being. With it you can do many things including:. Many are speculating as to the future of 7 Days to Die on consoles and The Fun Pimps wanted to be as transparent as possible so here is the reality of the situation… After a long and tedious legal process in a closed auction, The Fun Pimps have re-acquired full console publishing rights on the current and all future versions of 7 Days to Die on PS4 and the Xbox One.

Instead of investing in a new update, TFP spent a very large sum of money regaining the rights back in an auction, in addition to ongoing legal and auditing fees… Now that we are the console publisher, as an operational business and out of obligation to our investors and our hard working team who need to provide for their families too we have to evaluate the expense and risk of porting any future versions of the game to consoles relative to the income it could generate.

TFP are just trying to lookout for the future of our company and the game we care about… The Fun Pimps will keep you updated as more information becomes available or if things change. We thank you for all of the continued support. Stamina Balance TFP also heard a lot of A17 feedback about how starting player stamina was too low, and player stamina drain made actions like harvesting, mining, and running a grind and a chore. Optimizations We had a lot of feedback from Alpha 17 on how performance was lower than Alpha We have made many changes to improve performance including: Occlusion System — We engineered a proprietary new occlusion system that stops the rendering of chunks, block entities or trees that are onscreen, but not visible to the player.

This will often greatly increase your FPS, especially in indoor areas. The new system does add some minor popping artifacts, where occluded objects may take a moment to appear. Occlusion can be disabled in the video options if desired. Incremental Garbage Collection — We updated to Unity Collision Mesh Optimizations — We went through a lot of the models that had complex collision meshes and simplified them which reduces physics calculations and improves performance.

POI detail reduction — We engineered a proprietary tool in the level editor that shows vertices and triangle counts. Entity Ticking — Players, animals and zombies now update over multiple frames, which reduces the CPU load during any single frame, which reduces frame rate spikes.

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Zombie Balance We heard many comments about zombie amounts in POIs and biomes in Alpha 17, and we also heard about the lack of smaller POIs that were simple to explore with few or no zombies. In future builds we plan to add more of these for every zone type. Attribute Balance We heard many comments in A17 about how we forced players to choose Strength and Intellect attributes as they had many must have perks under them. Gameplay Changes Item changes — All item crafting is now governed by the perk tree its affected by. So rather than intellect controlling the quality of a shotgun you crafted, its governed by the Boomstick perk.

Players can craft up to blue quality. Faulty and poor quality items have one mod slot, fair and good quality items have two mod slots, great quality items have three mod slots, and fine quality items have four mod slots. Items scrap to parts like shotgun parts, light armor parts, etc and are crafted from them. Higher quality items require more parts and materials to craft. For example a crude shotgun only requires 3 shotgun parts but a great shotgun requires 15 parts. Primitive items like stone and wood items do not require special parts and are crafted from common ingredients.

All weapons and armor have random stats and a brown club can be better than an orange club, so check the stats. Mods still increase damage when installed but not as much since item quality influences damage. There are even recipe cards for nearly every food item in the game as well. We have removed the perk books and ingredient based schematics from the game. Armor Changes — Armor rating does not change based on perks. Armors offer great protection early game, even cloth and scrap armor is worth using. Cloth armor does not slow the player or cost any stamina to wear.

Armor significantly reduces chance for bleeding and stun. Heavy armor is the best but has the heaviest penalties. Perks and mods can remove nearly all penalties from light armor and most from heavy armor. There are also pocket mods you craft for clothing to reduce encumbrance very early game. It is possible to have zero encumbrance with no pack mule perks now, you just have to get the right gear. Death Loop Improvements Many players complained about getting into death loops or cheap deaths in the game at times when they were not taking risks.

The death debuff has been changed from lowering attributes health and stamina to losing XP resulting in less cheap back to back deaths. After a player dies during a blood moon, zombies will no longer know where you are and normal stealth rules apply. If you re-engage an enemy, blood moon behaviors recommence. We lowered the default difficulty from Nomad to Adventurer since A18 is a little harder with the new zombie rage speed boosting behavior. Some animals now have a chance to flee when damaged in combat.

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Bleeding does less damage per second and armor reduces the chance to bleed dramatically. Melee hit Detection and Glancing Blows Some folks gave us feedback about how you would swing and miss zombies too often. Melee Impact Audio Polish To improve upon the existing melee sounds, we have gone through our melee weapons and added new crunchier impacts.

Animation Polish We expanded our animation team and they have been kick-ass on polishing and making all first person animations more fluid, snappy and satisfying. New Infection, Dysentery, and Stun Changes New infection system — Infection is easier to contract when you have low health than high health. Stun System — Armor greatly reduces chances for being stunned.

New Books and Schematics We have added 16 book sets to the game the game with total unique books. The Great Heist — Gain perks that help you become a master thief. Lucky Looter — Each volume helps you find more specific items in loot. The Night Stalker — Become the ultimate assassin and gain stealth and combat bonuses at night. Magnum Enforcer — Maximize the capabilities of the. Batter Up! Wasteland Treasures — Learn to to harvest new materials from various objects to become the ultimate junk collector of the apocalypse. The Hunters Journal — Do more damage against different types of animals with each volume.

The Art of Mining — Enhance your life as a miner with new craftable equipment and mining tricks to one-shot ore! Rangers Guide to Archery — Become the ultimate archer with this set of books. You can even craft exploding arrows.

The Survival Horde Crafting Game

Pistol Pete — Master the use of 9mm weapons with this set of books. Shotgun Messiah — Become the action hero you always dreamed of with this complimentary set of books Sniper — If exploding heads is your thing, look no further. Craft special ammunition, ghillie suits and more! The automatic weapons handbook — Learn every trick in the book about machine guns. Urban Combat — Become the ultimate commando with Urban combat and look like a sexual tyrannosaurus.

Spears — Spears have great range and can be thrown. From stone, iron and steel, there is a spear for you. Steel spears are loot or schematic craft only. Primary attack jabs and secondary attack performs a power attack that charges up the spear and releasing throws it. Press E to reclaim your spear. They are a hand held weapon that is fired with primary attack and reloaded like a normal weapon. Secondary attack deploys it in the world and it will target zombies and animals as long as the player is close enough to it.

Turrets deactivate when the player is too far away and will stop making noise and the barrel will aim at the floor when they run out of ammo or are out of range. Each rank of Electrocutioner reduces the number of swings needed to achieve a charge. Baseball Bat — The baseball bat is a top tier club that is loot or schematic craft only.

Clubs and bats are governed by Pummel Pete under Strength. New Sledgehammers — Want to be a sledgehammer guy early game? Craft a stone sledgehammer right away from basic ingredients like stone, wood and plant fibers. Later game you can find steel sledgehammers or craft them with a schematic.

Sledgehammers are governed by Skull Crusher under Strength. M60 — The M60 is a top tier machine gun class weapon that is loot or schematic craft only. It is governed by the Machine Gunner perk under Fortitude as well as the Ak Knuckle Wraps, Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles — Ever wanted to just punch a zombies head off but the old vanilla fists were just too weak? Fear not because they come with a special built in perk that removes a zombies ability to infect you by punching out their teeth punch to head instantly neutralizes zombies infection ability. Double Barrel Shotgun — Fires two shots, but you can double tap and basically shoot both at once.

Shotguns are governed by the perk Boomstick which is under Strength. New Explosives- Grenades and timed charges have been introduced to alpha There are normal grenades that bounce and contact grenades which explode on contact. Timed Charges deal massive damage to safes and doors and are great for raids. They are governed by Demolitions expert under Perception. New bows — The normal bow people are used to has been turned into a primitive bow so it will probably feel worse to experienced players. Both bows and crossbows alike, can use flaming and exploding ammunition.

Bows are governed by Agility now. New ammunition — All firearms can use regular ammo, HP ammo which does more damage, and AP ammo which pierces through enemies and low hit point structures like wood and glass. Shotguns have breaching ammo for wrecking safes and doors, bows have exploding arrows. Advanced ammunition requires a schematic to craft. Steel ammunition has been removed from the game, but there are many new ways to acquire brass including smelting dukes.

Thrown Items In multiplayer games, thrown items were moved by the server, which means if your computer was not the server you would see a delay when you threw an item and see lag in its position updates and collisions with the world. The game now includes 3 8k generated worlds. The mountain lion uses the new animal leap ability. The demolition zombie was added. Beware his explosive charge! Zombies have a new rage mode.

Before reading further: Make sure you’re in the same boat!

There is a chance when damaging zombies, based on the game difficulty, that they will move faster for a short amount of time. This add more variety to combat. Sense sounds have returned to the game. They are played when hostile AI investigates a noise. Some types of hostile animals may flee when injured. Zombies will now fight bears or wolves that attack them. Zombies can ragdoll when they fall. Sleeper volume triggering was improved. Vehicles fall more accurately and riders can take falling damage.

Damage when colliding with the world is more accurately calculated and less land claim damage is done. Using the hop action on two wheeled vehicles lifts the front tire more, so it is easier to drive over obstacles. Vehicle UI, locking and passcode interaction was improved.

Mining Overhaul Mining has been overhauled and made much easier to find the ore you need. Vultures will get battle fatigue and stop attacking for a while Battle fatigued vultures will not circle toward far players Air conditioners and new car radiators models drop radiators when destroyed. Unlock via schematic or electrician perk Electrical schematics to loot and traders Craftable power doors and bridges.

Stone sledge as example TrapIncomingDamage passive effect CVars can now be displayed on buff popout and in buff list. Crafted items are not random. Clothing spawns with random stats. Sewing kits, loot only, needed to craft non primitive clothing, armor and their mods Blackstrap coffee, a super strong long lasting coffee unlocked by one of The Art of Mining books Diamond blade tip modification that doubles tool durability that can be crafted when reading one of the Lockpicks to loot and traders Schematics for table saw, work bench, chemistry station, and cement mixer Coyote prefab and adjusted xml Mountain Lion Art of Mining Bundles allows players to craft bundles of ore to save inventory space Roughed in spear damage and power attack damage Cardboard pallet prefab Gun parts to shotgun messiah boxes Dynamic recipe costs for all firearms and power tools New materials for all new weapon and tool parts All firearms can be scrapped into specific gun parts such as ak47 Parts, pistol parts, etc.

Fuel tank mods for motor tools Craftable Ghille suit gated by the sniper book series. Sound effect for swarm of flies. Still needs some work but is functional asis Trap block material creak warning. Craft pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake to feast on. Added a base drain. Sand or terrain blocks do not scrap but can be smelted in a forge Thinned out harvestable crops in field prefabs Reduced radius of car explosions to 3. Infection is easier to contract when you have low health than high health. Getting may hit increases infection. Take antibiotics to cure infection, such as honey, herbal antibiotics or pharmacy grade antibiotics.

Now you get 10k gas for 1k shale. Slow metabolism Perk to Iron Gut perk. Iron gut reduces chance to get food poisoning and does the things slow metabolism. Clamped player ragdoll time to. Some show visuals of eyewear but full faced ones do not. Now using Autodesk Interactive shader also on transparent meshes f.

They might return in a future alpha as a landscaping tool. Farming no longer requires them, simply place a farm plot and plant a seed. Command getoptions now also allows filtering by substring Working stiffs crates and destroyed forges have a chance to drop bellows and crucibles The encumbrance buff on the HUD shows how many slots you are overweight Vehicles have a terminal Y velocity instead of clamping with max velocity Increased vehicle xz drag when no driver It now costs 1 paint per face to paint instead of two.

Try a hazmat zombie. Improved shadow transitions Day time fog look, and darkened night time fog Increased all gas harvest and crafting x10, increased fuel usage x10 so that chainsaws and augers were not gas hogs Gyrocopter is faster and gets better mileage. Lowered number of concurrent GPU threads to possibly help with device lost Improved AI RunawayFromEntity Timid animals run from hostile animals Split logic up into server side and client side All weapon and armor mods have the word mod at the end of the name and their schematics so it is clear it is a mod.

Improved boss Grace AI aggressive to players, destroy area, territorial. Slightly smaller. Moves slower. All T2 weapons and T2 armor and all Basic ammo types can be found in loot. Install an anvil into a forge to craft faster. Unified all t1,t2 and t3 weapon prices. All armor recipes scale in ingredient costs, so it takes more mats to craft higher quality armor. Recipe amounts for armor and some armor values Military Fiber recipe creates 10 fibers since acid is so rare Military clothing uses less military fiber to craft Flagstone blocks craft faster Iron Fireaxe and Claw hammer require leather and duct tape to craft Unified common ammo supply counts at traders Workbenches cost 2k at traders Cement mixer costs 3k, chemistry stations cost 5k.

Removed one row of encumbrance by default. Changed pack mule perks to unlock 3,3,4,4 and 4 encumbrance slots. Food resources uncooked foods are Medicated bandages are 10 med kits 5. Pills are There are only 2 types of armor increasing mods and they can be installed in both light and heavy armor Reinforced wood and metal reinforced wood blocks upgrade to cobblestone.

Block replace tool keeps density of replaced block if either replaced and replacement are both terrain or both nonterrain Held items rebalanced on entity and block damage. Low end tools tend to have more block damage. All weapons and armor now use repair kits to repair Iron clubs now use iron, leather, duct tape and wood to craft Stack limit on parts to 50 Furniture drops less leather when harvested Ore piles are often found where ore veins exist close to the surface.

This should result in not getting exhausted doing basic activities like mining. Power attacks and sprinting still drain stamina quickly The stone axe upgrades blocks faster Mining hat is now a tier 1 heavy armor. Removed feathers from junk loot, and reduced feathers in nests Mining helmets do not have an innate light feature but spawn with a helmet light mod preinstalled Increased quality of player UI 3d model SS Reflection video option to Off, Low, Medium, High and used for the 4 graphics quality presets Sand that is smelted into forges will display as sand in the forge.

Recipes will also list sand instead of glass. Nerfed gas found in loot Improved farming by changing tilled dirt terrain to a planter like block that is much easier to plant seeds in. Recipes that you have not unlocked will default to telling you how to unlock them. Improved player placed light shadow modes vs distance Lights to decrease range instead of intensity with distance Items have up to 4 mod slots. Canned food has no chance of food poisoning Farming rebalanced.

Allows increased harvest of wild plants. Schematics allow crafting of seeds without a perk. The wrench no longer repairs. It only harvests and has a power attack. It gains no benefit from Miner69er. Thrown dynamite does more damage and costs more to craft. Item mod schematics do not require perkYeahScience to craft. Removed hammer and forge perk tree.

Added forge crafting to Advanced engineering and reordered each perk and its requirements The quality that an item is crafted at is unlocked by the governing perk such as Shotgun Messiah. Bullet tips, casings, gunpowder, and the 4 basic ammo type recipes are not gated by any perk. Forges do not require an anvil or crucible to be installed. Removed steel bullet casings and bullets. Stay Down! Now you only have to craft plant fiber shirt and plants, 1 arrow instead of two, and only 1 frame instead of 3. Recipes for campire were changed from 8 stones to 5.

Plant fiber pants and shirt now only need 5 fibers instead of Bedrolls only need 10 fibers instead of Wooden Clubs need 5 wood instead of 6. Stone axe needs two stones instead of 4. Bones stack higher and are more granular so that harvesting perks scale better It is possible to harvest bones from small animals Set default on fluorescent light from 5 to 2.

Removed: Placeable TNT block. Change: QoL, Spear can now be thrown through broken windows and iron bars via bullet HM Change: QoL, Spear can now melee attack through iron bars via bullet HM Expose block repair xp to be modifiable Nerd glasses no longer improve crafting quality. Buried Supplies distance reduced. Quest items should be anchored to the top of each crafting tab. XP gained shown when level up is reached is limited to amount required to level up.

Entity RotateToGround jittering on flat terrain, rewrote math and added springiness UI ItemStack dirty flags always updating and optimized UI array access Fleeing animals will get stuck in corners or run into walls Bigger random angle. Shorter paths.

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ObjectiveTime would never trigger complete. Changing any video option setting will correct this. Restarting the game will fix this. For A The GFX command is no longer locked behind admin power and can now be used by any client. We fixed a problem that caused traders to be opened at night or closed during the day. If you find issues, please report them here on our official Not being able to purchase perk is intended. If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig. This framework we are backporting to Added gfx console command key changes shader keywords, pp changes postprocessing, type gfx for help.

One repair kit will be sufficient to fully repair one item. Stack size reduced to Blood Moon Frequency This option allows the player to set a minimum amount of days for when the blood moon hordes appear. In the menu the player can disable them, have them daily, every 3 days, default weekly, once every two weeks and once every 30 days. Blood Moon Range Here the player can change how many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the frequency setting.

Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency Landclaimcount We added a property to the serverconfig. XP Multiplier Players can increase or decrease the overall experience gained.

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To suit the XP speed for the length of game they desire. Changed Decreased sleeper despawn delay to 45 and added passive despawn delay of 10 seconds Meat stew only uses 5 meat. Added animal fat to Recipe. Now it gives 50 max stamina and 25 health Steak and potato meal now only use 5 meat but require 2 mushrooms.

Gravel trails in the desert are more visible Vehicles no longer collide with small rocks. Updated small rock texture. Upgraded rock texture resolution to Added acid to traders Increased the duke value of raw meat Nerfed barter perk sell rates to half of what they were. Cut sell rate from. Placed landclaims are printed in the console for everyone to see. Clients do not see the vulture death animation dedicated Buff kills dont share XP.

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Dupe exploit using task manager to close client when on a dedi. Consumeable dupe via mouse and inventory use. Vending machines dont add time to rented days. VM dupe using partial stacks. Work is currently being done to improve roads, towns, terrain, generation speed, and world size. These changes will come in a later A Black T-Shirt. When players stamina is between and , there are no detrimental stamina effects. We will continue to fix bugs, balance the game, and optimize in Ideal for searching xp related cvars. Increased dog and wolf health Death penalty cannot stack on repeated deaths Increased block upgrade speed of nail gun and claw hammer A wood pole can be crafted without the table saw Updated vehicleWheels icon.

Increased amount of old cash found in containers and zombie loot. Perks concerning harvesting, looting or carrying things require lower attribute scores to unlock Increased the amount of food you can overeat to Craft timers not being loaded from saved data correctly AI climb flag not set when temp move LCB icon is still shown when LCB has been destroyed by another player. If a server is restarted shortly after placing a vehicle, the vehicle will disappear Fixed mismatched reinforced padding icon. Any block that can be picked up, can be picked up in a lcb protected area. Relogging on activate marker.

Wellness achievement updated to use fortitude Relogging on fresh quest will break trigger area. Tier5 does not give you a complete quest after requirements are met. Strong zombies dropped less cash than weak zombies Item is lost if left on the mouse when closing a container. Toolbelt items being stuck after use. Hey Folks, We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. But not to worry we will be back to work after New Years and onto patching Alpha The Fun Pimps.

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Nearly all objects and surfaces in game have been improved to support the new lighting features. Ambient lighting improved to show more natural scene lighting. Many surfaces now light with natural subtle reflections to improve overall scene appearance. Party System Join up with friends to form a Party which allows you to play together much easier.

Track Party members location, and health. The system will allow players to install vehicle mods that can make vehicles perform better, have more storage and more. Note: Mod items are coming in a future version. New Radiated Vulture Improved sleeper spawning and tracking. New foods, drinks and drugs to craft and use. Magazines to grant you temporary attribute and perk levels. Item mods, of course. Schematics to craft mods yourself. Dyes to personalize your weapons and armor.

The game takes place in the. Dig-N-Rig is a 2D, futuristic, mining simulator that combines resource management with creative building mechanics. Dig-N-Rig takes place in. Edge of Space is a 2D sandbox game similar to Terraria. But it wasn't my first play-through of the game, and my relationship with Dig-N-Rig had become worryingly akin to that of an addict and their. Dig-n-Rig: From the study halls of Digipen, whose alum include parts of the teams behind Portal and Portal 2, comes an epic tale of digging.