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Schermo MacBook Pro con antiriflesso rovinato, Apple lo sostituirà gratis il problema su aree molto ampie, in alcuni casi persino su tutto il display. ed ora Cupertino ha esteso ulteriormete la copertura per alcuni Mac Plus, un programma di sostituzione del tasto Standby/Riattiva di iPhone 5.

The normal uninstall process for Macs won't remove all of the software components of magicJack. Select the "magicJack" icon on the desktop and drag it onto the "Trash" icon on the desktop. This will cut the connection between your software and the magicJack adapter so you can safely remove it. Navigate to the "magicJack Knowledge Base" website see Resources.

In the Search box below "Type in your question below to get the quickest answer," type "Mac uninstall" without quotes. Click the "Search" button. An Answer page is displayed. When prompted, save the uninstaller utility to your desktop. I dont understand. I just noticed the same problem too.

How to Uninstall magicJack From an iMac | Your Business

My mom lives in a county that is served by a small local telephone company. It basically means the small local telephone company is charging more to connect the call than magicJack is willing to pay, so magicJack makes that calling area unavailable. I bypass this by setting up the call via google voice.

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I dial my google voice number from the magicJack phone. It asks me if I want to check voice mail or make a call. This can only be installed on smart phones — either iphone or android. For iphone. For android. I use in Brazil the apps for android samsung galaxy young , and i call the during the week for my friends in USA. I am in process of registering and can not receive five digit code on my e-mail so I can follow forward. Would you help me with it? Also, I would like to transfer my Comcast phone number that is 1-aaa-bbb-cccc for my magic jack service. How can I do that?

I suspect you have to choose a phone number or transfer the number from another provider before you can receive the activation code. I have not done a number transfer to magicJack, and so have not made a video about it. Please visit the magicJack Journey posts and videos Part 1 and Part 2 to learn more about how and why I switched, and to see how I researched it before actually making it happen. Good luck!

When I plug my Majic Jack in I do not get the registration page. All I get is a white page with Product of the Year banner. Can anyone help? That method is a bust for most users. Plug your device into the USB port on your computer.

If you still get the blank banner, use a different USB port. Not all USB ports are the same. Some of them are powered, and some are not. I just went through process. Then I was taken through the registration process. I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

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My MJ Plus was found and it registered with no hiccups. The first person used their wifi android tablet via a browser on that device. AS I have been using Mj for years. All of sudden from last three weeks now when ever I call someone, calls go through but I cant hear the person who am calling or talking to. I have window 7 installed on my pc. Can anyone help me with this issue. Can anyone tell me the minimum speed required for internet for magic jack to work properly?

Is it possible that Chinese internet police are blocking something? Another possibility is that since you are in such a remote area—nowhere near a large city or even a town—your option is only a very slow internet speed. Most people do best with an upload speed of at least 1. Though some have had success with lower speeds, if you are also doing any kind of internet activity other than magicJack, your voice transmission quality will suffer.

The latency speed of electronic reply is too high. Since you live in Miami, it should be no problem for you to buy one and start using it. Good luck. When I first set up magic jack. Three week later every time i try to call someone or i try to make an inbound call to my home I hear a voice just for a few secs and then I hear a clicking sound. I thought it was the magic jack so I purchased another one and it is doing the same thing. Magic jack has not been very much help. Can anyone help me. Alternatively you may have crummy volume on your device. Others have randomly found similarly, leading me to wonder if their quality control is all that good.

I have a problem when i click on my soft phone icon i get a pop up over the phone that says product of the year so i click the x in the top right hand cornor the pop up goes away but so does my soft phone lol I downloaded the lastes windows update but it didnt fix the problem please help. Jim, There is windows soft phone for magicJack. It only exists for Android and iOS devices. Buy a device and it will work next time you physically connect the device via USB to your desktop or laptop windows or OSX computer.

Plug in your phone to the device. It should work exactly as planned. Uninstall the app from your windows machine. Get the MagicFeatures Plug In. I paid for it and it works great! Audible Caller ID. Anonymous call block.. Thanks again Theresa! For those of you not familiar, your magicJack must be connected to a windows computer via USB in order to use MagicFeatures.

I got the update link from a tech chat. After plugging in my magic jack and phone, it brought up a Magic jack interface, but I was never prompted or guided through any update. How do I get the update? The audio on my magic jack has suddenly become so bad I can barely hear people on the other side through the buzzing. Check out this page. The accompanying video shows what you should expect to see with the new interface.

May I suggest rebooting your modem, router, etc.? Additionally, if you have not yet done so and you have a very slow or high-latency connection, it may help to statically assign an IP to the magicJack and in some instance enable port-forwarding. Thanks for your response. My issue is not volume, it is a VERY loud buzzing, whining noise that drowns out the voices.

I will try your directions, thank you. Normally I have it plugged into the outlet adapter so it works separate from the computer. It sucks not having your home phone….

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Thanks for all your helpful efforts! Your suggestion of trying a different adapter was offered long before tech support provided it, and actually did help with the audio a bit. It would begin with the awful sound and then it would dissipate after a few seconds. Back to tech support of course. I hope this does the trick and I can leave you and tech support alone in the future lol. Thanks again! This is true for phones connected directly to a DSL phone service, but this phone is connected to a magicJack. Ethernet basically is that static on a DSL connection, and the router uses it to communicate with the rest of the interwebs.

The magicJack is an Ethernet device that translates that stuff into phone messages for use on a phone. A DSL Filter is unnecessary in this example. Please help.. I had no problem with majic jack until recently. I receive calls absolutely fine but I can not make any. I have chatted with their support for hours upon hrs. Nothing helps. The really weird part is after I downloaded the version of windows vista I was able to make 1 outgoing call then back to nothing. What version of windows are you using?

What version of magicJack are you using? Are you using the magicJack connected to your computer or to your router? So my issue is from apk install, first run. Please log in screen.

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I have not tried to install magicJack on more than one device. There may be a limit. Perhaps one of us will be able to find out definitively why this might happen. I like a clean site, so all comments are moderated. Akismet is fairly reliable, but sometimes clever spammers get through. Moderation also means it might be a little while before your comments appear.

Thanks for your patience. Cheers, Chris. I currently have a magic jack app on the machine but it is blinking terribly and as a result, I am unable to use my Magicjack phone. Where can I find the software? I think I just need to reinstall it. What do you think? Can you please assist?

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  6. Please see my previous response. The ethernet cable is used for connecting directly to your router. It is not used for connecting to your computer. That may solve a lot of frustration. Use only the USB connector to connect to your computer. AC adapter and ethernet cable are not required in this mode.

    Angel, You should not have any trouble connecting. The firmware should automatically install and connect. Usually, is an internet connection error. Try a standard network reboot: 1. Power off your modem, router and magicJack. Wait two minutes. Turn on the power to the modem. Wait one minute.

    magicJack GO - Activation and Registration

    Ryan, Many thanks for the link to the. No need for me to use the terminal commands to remove security, it just worked as per the instructions in the text file in the. Thanks so much. Did you attempt to follow the instructions in there? Fantastic, thank you. I too have followed your instructions and those in the dmg file closely, but cannot enter a password what password?!

    MJ still cannot run on my Sierra update. I need to call work and family. A painfully awkward moment this is. Try typing your computer password, then press enter. Then I found your post. Downloaded magicJackSetup. Ran the Update software 2. Downloaded firmware update: mjisoupdate. Opened Terminal, and pasted: sudo spctl —master-disable 4 Ran the firmware update 5.

    Unplugged the device and plugged it in again. As I said the Soft Pad opened with the above message. Please help! Thanks for any assistance you may be able provide. Unfortunately Larry, I have no idea. Mine works but mine is not the Magicjack Plus.

    watch What version of MacOS are you running?